Friday, December 9, 2016

Petroleum and its relationship to homeland

Petroleum of the most important factors that lead to increased income and gross national product and Milk because it helps with tourism and with the Suez Canal to increase hard currency thus, an increase the national income.
And natural gas Alana all as a convenience and Mark the government Izmir in natural gas connecting countries and villages that are not up to date natural gas

Subsequent testing operations and analysis have now been completed on the Supplejack-1 well which, as reported on November 8, 2016, had tested at rates of up to 7.2 mm cf/d from the Mt. Messenger Formation before being limited by mechanical constraints.

Initial estimates by TAG indicate that the Supplejack-1 well is an economic discovery, which contains approximately 2.8 Bcf original gas in place as a mid-case estimate, with recovery factors approaching 90% with compression. Initial production rates are forecasted at over 2 mm cf/d.

Toby Pierce, CEO of TAG Oil commented, “I am very pleased to announce TAG’s successful initial well test results at the Cardiff-3 well. Demonstrating the possibility for economic production at Cardiff is the first step in unlocking the significant resources present in this deeper formation on our 100% Cheal owned acreage. The resources identified at Cardiff have the potential to become the major source of production for TAG following development. Further, the positive results of the Supplejack-1 flow test and analysis represent a new producing location for TAG, with additional drilling opportunities identified. The TAG team is continuing to build off our recent momentum at Cardiff and Supplejack and we will update the market with further information on these two assets in due course.”

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