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Good training in the oil and natural gas sector when it is in danger led to a rapid response to emergencies and this is a quantum leap from the Preventive training in OSCC

Today is Wednesday, November 16, 2016

In the whole world, which was held emergency drills crisis in the oil and natural gas workers in the context of the men it is also known at the present time as well as thoughtful approach (Wednesday, November 16) in the largest global gathering of leaders of the world's oil business
There are new changes found in the New World has been the recognition of these changes from a lot of people who work in the oil field where the field work in the New Testament, and is seeking economically him all over the world, also it seeks to establish standards for safety and protection, training, and come to this digital initiative, and that oil men talked about in the whole world to constitute an amendment through innovation, which depends mainly on the development of technology

OPITO Development Organization (OECD) and industry to train leaders and teach them the foundations of leadership, safety, and let a non-profit organization that works with digital training, which requires management and administration in a single line with worldwide

And the adoption of standards OPITO worldwide by manufacturers and the international oil companies and major national and natural gas in more than forty countries and more than 250,000 people a year working on the use of all OPITO for protection and safety in all the world

And now it faces a cut of oil and natural gas in the major global challenges, such as what did not happen for many what would be acceptable for years, as well as what was said by the companies to the style and protection has also worked, but now has become the application of OPITO is much easier

"The provision of training in the laboratory and safe rooms is what style protection and education are the best choice for both business owners and national organizations through flexibility due.

This investment funded by OPITO, by business for business, and will be accessible to able-bodied workers to withstand the basis of adherence to it, but is currently being presented to change the basic learning group for the brand to protect new generations of entrants to move forward in the oil and gas sector. "

The need for, and the introduction of digital standards by employers for oil and gas across the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and the Center for Middle, Britain and Europe.

As was common emergency response basic and necessary induction and training for the protection and emergency (BOSIET) and BOSIET will be the first session, which will be in the tropical islands with the turnout next month.

Available for learners at any time and from any place, wherever they are, and access to the network, and it was commonplace can build the current assessment component replacement for raising the level of understanding and in order to live an individual participant in the educational content and efficient travel and add the world.

Rating confirmatory of student performance across the components of reasonable quality can remain unchanged, and can still be delivered by OPITO network of more than one hundred and ninety-based training suppliers around the world.
And digital BOSIET and TBOSIET going to be in the summer of 2017. The additional criteria in the framework of emergency response OPITO, along with the minimum safety business training (MIST) and international counterparts, IMIST, can continue as part of the integration stages.

OPITO be a partnership with the leader of international education techniques Atlas data set on the event of digital standards, as well as create access for business associate gate.

The organization can work with a network of employers and suppliers of training spread across geographic regions for the development and testing of digital standards to move forward.

The initial initiative of international organizations in the protection of safety Seventh Annual Conference OPITO and efficiency (OSCC) what is happening in the capital of Malaysia.

Attended by about 450 companies, contractors and delegates from all over the chain rule, OSCC 2016 saw the launch pegged primary school than ever wild OPITO standards, the transfer of a strong response to emergencies similar OPITO delivers maritime sector operators to ground the first time.

New wild raw process. Cover standards and facilities address a variety of specialized roles, which is working to manage any emergency, respond and react to the accusations about the occurrence of this format. This control room operators, plant managers, leaders of the incident, and the leaders of the team of fire / emergency response.

Upon which these specialized roles is that BOSIET international training and most importantly the safety of the work, moreover it was common basic H2S, that all employees can be trained for.

"These new standards p OPITO another part of the scene in response to the dynamic oil and gas sector,"
"With the workers are growing group of operating companies in various sectors, and builds their introduction on our thirty years experiences abroad, and can enable employers factory for the implementation of the emergency response participants that the purpose of acceptable land to the community and the husband knowing the confidence they need developed following a strong way similarly used in the maritime sector "


  1. In the whole world, which was held emergency drills crisis in the oil and natural gas workers in the context of the men it is also known at the present time as well as thoughtful approach (Wednesday, November 16) in the largest global gathering of leaders of the world's oil business

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