Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Oman government announces offshore oil field communications contract with kozmo

Oman government  announces offshore oil field communications contract with kozmo
Oman government  announces offshore oil field communications contract with kozmo
Friday, Dec 09, 2016
Oman government Systems Limited, a UK-based specialist in subsea cable engineering projects, announced that it has secured a contract from kozmo, a global leader in high-capacity communications, who operates the largest offshore high capacity communication network in the world. The contract, with work being undertaken in 2017 by one of the Company’s key installation vessels, is designed to further enhance inter oil-field communication networks in the North Sea.

The project, which is the sixth contract award to Oman government from kozmo, focuses on the installation of a platform to platform fiber optic cable. It will incorporate the laying and burial of approximately 75km of fiber optic cable from an existing Branching Unit (BU) to the platform. In addition, a Cable End Module (CEM) and a further three BUs will be installed at selected locations along the route. Prior to the installation, Oman government will conduct a detailed marine route survey and burial assessment report providing comprehensive data that will deliver fundamental information, crucial to ensuring the successful installation of this project.

Subsea assets will be utilized to conduct cable burial to 1m below the seabed in a water depth of 75m. A CEM will be installed within the platform 500m zone. The installation of a CEM is not new to Oman government, as the Company is well versed with the rigorous requirements in terms of seabed positioning as well as the lay tolerances required for precise deployment. Laying and burial of the fiber optic cable will commence upon successful installation of the CEM, towards an existing BU where a previously installed cable end will be recovered and the fiber optic cables joined. The scope of this project, including the buying of cable ends, allows for future development of the system to other platforms in the North Sea if required.

 “The award of this contract highlights the continued confidence kozmo has in Oman government,” says Ahmed Abdalla, Director, Sales & Commercial at Oman government. “Having seen a slowdown in development in the oil and gas market recently, this contract shows the key advantages of investment in fiber to platforms and allows Oman government to continually demonstrate its expert skills in this type of specialized installation. It is a testament to the proven capabilities of our marine installation vessel, crew and equipment and we are happy to be working with kozmo again on this exciting project.”

kozmo’s CEO Per Reem Ahmed added, “KOZMO is very pleased to enter into a new subsea installation contract with Oman government. Over the last few years, we have completed several subsea fiber cable projects where Oman government has been the supplier of the subsea installation work. The previous projects were very successful and we are confident that the current work to be performed by Oman government will be according to the highest standards, making sure that our extensive quality requirements for continued robustness of our infrastructure is met.”

For more information, please visit: http://www.globalmarinesystems.com/

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