Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gas pipeline South Sudan is facing great problems and exhibitions

Gas pipeline South Sudan is facing great problems and exhibitions
 A flood of opposition to the GSE and SRL comes days after the appeals court in New Jersey ruled the Executive Director of the Pinelands illegally approved the proposed pipeline Southern Gas Jersey (SJG), and returned the case to the Commission Pinelands full and new Council Jersey public facilities.
"The legal precedent set by the court's decision SJG This puts the project at risk, and will also pose additional regulatory hurdles SRL pipeline that is planned to cut through the Pinelands protected," said Carleton Montgomery, executive director of the Pinelands conservative coalition.
Environmental impacts and harsh cumulative
"These projects will be the new drinking water Jursns threaten, from the highlands to the Pinelands. We urge the NJDEP to exercise its authority under the Clean Water Act and the rejection of these projects because they do not take into account the alternatives that would avoid the organization wet land sites. Beyond that, said Patty Cronheim, coordinator of arrival, reconsider the energy NJ, and there is no need, and it is not in the public interest. "
"You must consider the real NJDEP cumulative effects of the project GSE with New Jersey Natural Gas' proposed SRL pipeline, because the project is completely dependent on each other in the presence NJDEP does not meet the criteria for" independent tool, "Cronheim wrote NJDEP's.
In a letter of 20 pages to the NJDEP, expressed Mark Gallagher, vice president of Princeton engineering company water and serious concerns about the GSE and SRL on behalf of the town of Chesterfield. NJDEP asked to deny a statement, noting that the project "would result in excessive encroachment of wetlands."
Gallagher explained that the application of the "utterly fails to meet the analysis of alternatives required by the fresh wet land water protection law requirements, which seeks to avoid and minimize the effects of the wet land. Contrary to this, Williams Transco site selection with the greatest wet lands effect for other sites deemed to. Justify applications No more from the study by the NJDEP even the combined effects of both projects can be determined appropriately, as required by the compensation Committee, otherwise NJDEP has sufficient grounds to deny all of the wet land licenses. "
Paul Rubin, President HydroQuest, provided technical analysis of the risks posed by GSE and SRL, many of the failures that can occur with the pipeline installation of horizontal drilling technology Details (HDD), especially in the sandy soil of the Pinelands. He concluded by Robin, a professional hydrological, that based on this geological uncontrollable NJDEP challenged that insists that the completion of the stability required and the risks companies and analyzes, he or she must assume that this HDD failure affect irreparably the surrounding landscape.

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