Sunday, December 4, 2016

Existing oil fields scattered places such as Karun field and the field has seen Western Sahara

Existing oil fields scattered places such as Karun field and the field has seen Western Sahara

 He opened some of the new projects in Western Sahara as he continued oil and natural gas connecting production projects the village of Taman south of Suez as he Tariq Al-Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources lose oil fields Karun site and Petrouchehd minister was accompanied during the tour by Ambassador Fernando Zlakit Chile's ambassador in Cairo and engineered Sara Akbar, head of Kuwait Energy company, David Shi general manager of Apache Egypt and Mohamed Taher and Mohamed sociable agent first ministry Tariq Al-Hadidi, executive chairman of Petroleum and Geological Ashraf Faraj Undersecretary for agreements and exploration. The minister listened to a detailed explanation about the new projects that have been opened where Eng Ashraf Prince, president of Petrouchehd list on behalf of the Petroleum Authority and the two Aanab Chilean and Kuwait Energy operations that pipeline crude oil transfer spans 87-km from the cargo area company Petrouchehd to crude oil receiving station fields Karun company and from there to Dahshur, which aims to accommodate the daily production of fields Petrouchehd which currently stands at about 19,000 barrels, and that a total investment cost of $ 22 million, including construction costs of the line and 12 new warehouses for storage of pointing out that the new pipeline with a capacity of about 30 thousand barrels per day and was carried out by Petrojet company will contribute in controlling the risks that may result from the trucking and reduce the crude oil transportation costs and ease the pressure on the roads this addition it will provide opportunities for petroleum companies adjacent to ship its production within the framework of economic integration between the petroleum sector companies and optimum utilization of production facilities. and he head of the company Qarun Petroleum said Gary implementation of a plan to raise total output Karun currently of about 37,000 barrels of crude oil from all concession areas with the adoption of new investments in the budget of the current fiscal year 2016/2017 amounting to $ 257 million is planned to drill 12 new wells zones, dignity and West Nile fields Karun Beni Suef, he is advancing the implementation of efforts to rationalize spending and reduce the cost of producing a barrel through projects aimed so areas of excellence, and explained that the production of Qarun available facilities contribute to being a link between the neighboring companies to receive production and processing in the main treatment plant in order to achieve economic exploitation facilities productivity and provide investments.

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