Sunday, December 4, 2016

Edco has seen the city of Lake County and delivery of natural gas Tama, Sohag

Edco has seen the city of Lake County and delivery of natural gas Tama, Sohag

 The natural gas Tdwia city of Tema and that West Nile is located in Sohag after the completion of the implementation of all major infrastructure works (reduced pressure station - pressure interconnection line length of 11 km - business networks and combinations natural gas) in order to serve 10,000 home client expected the city and to become the third city during this year by the regional gas companies by providing them with natural gas after a debtor

 Number of clients target hitchhike gas in Adco is about 15 thousand clients in two phases at a rate of about 10 thousand customers during the current fiscal year 2016/2017 and 5 thousands of customers in the next fiscal year 2017/2018, pointing out that the number of customers on the courier contractors yet reached about 5 thousand client, and that he planned to deliver gas to about 1,000 customers in the village Albossaly located on the gas line fed to Edco city path.

 Within the framework of the implementation of the Programme of Action for the project National to deliver gas to homes Edco city lake natural gas connecting the governorate witnessed for the first time to the residential units in the city after the end of the petroleum sector of the implementation of the feed Adco city gas line length of 16 km of reducing gas and measurement pressure Rosetta in the station.

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