Sunday, December 4, 2016

Crude oil prices and their relationship to the world (oil - natural gas - Jazz - electricity)

The world has witnessed major developments in oil production and also in the natural gas production

This comes at trading futures US crude oil prices currently at $ 51.23 a barrel after the session opened today at $ 50.87 a barrel comes to recording its highest level at $ 51.47 a barrel, while it may hit its lowest level at $ 05.16 a barrel.

This significant increase in world oil prices

At the OPEC meeting, this week saw the decision for the first time eight years ago to cut production rates in order to work on the support price levels and achieve balance in the crude oil market, which has helped to return prices to rise.

This has been agreed with the non-members of OPEC, led by Russia nations to cut production rates by 600 thousand barrels per day from the start of next year in order to cooperate to push crude oil prices to rise and achieve a balance in the market.

There is no doubt that the whole world will face major breakthroughs in the production of petroleum and manufactured and exported or also
The high cost of Mark above

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