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Guess it will happen by 2017 changes in the price of crude oil rising to the highest level in 16 months

Guess it will happen by 2017 changes in the price of crude oil rising to the highest level in 16 months

 Secretary General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting crude oil OPEC countries pointed out in his statements that the expected rise in demand for crude oil during 2017 are as strong as this year, which would support higher prices and restore balance to the markets.

On the other hand, he noted that the rise in demand, as well as reduced rates of production by non-members of the Organization and producers during the first half of the year, would support higher price levels so as to ensure balance and stability of the markets during the coming period.

After OPEC comments by rising demand for crude oil over the next year, in addition to the continuation of prices influenced the decision to reduce production rates.

Surprise rise in oil and natural gas prices today 06/12/2016

Surprise rise in oil and natural gas prices today 06/12/2016

Crude oil prices fell yesterday to enter today's volatility, after the Organization of Petroleum Exporting crude oil countries production levels rose OPEC to reach 34.19 million barrels per day during the month of November after it was increased by 33.82 million barrels per day during the month of October / October before the start of implementation of the decision to reduce production in the month of January next year.

Crude oil prices rose slightly during trading on Tuesday after it recorded its highest level within 16 months before returning to the landing, this volatility comes amid news of higher OPEC production levels to record highs before applying the decision to cut production rates.

Tuesday busy day achievements drilling for oil and gas

Today Tuesday, 06.12.2016
The Egyptian engineers drilling for natural gas and oil in Western Sahara
Seems to be important for engineers is not easy against the great challenges to get to what they want
Exploration Mission Director spoke that there are many areas in the saturated with oil and natural gas Western Sahara
And that there is more oil beneath the sand
Western Sahara sand floats above the sea of oil wells
He concluded that he expected to talk a lot and he was optimistic

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Oil today on 12.05.2016

Oil prices were increased in all producing countries, which has led to increased speculation in the stock oil
Experts increase being complete and is expected today 12/05/2016
Which leads to a terrible loss for speculators

We will hold onto our bullish direction for today, provided that the price maintains stability above 50.15 and more importantly above 48.75.

Expected trading range for today between 49.00 support and 53.92 resistance scale

International company Remo Aitor head off to a great start in petroleum and natural gas production

International company Remo Aitor head off to a great start in petroleum and natural gas production
The company is now drilling in many places to search for black gold or oil as they say in ever

In Western Sahara, where the bar is expected the presence of thousands of wells submerged under the sand

Or below the depth of 2600 feet below the earth's surface

Process engineer says in a time of no more than six months have

It will be a great

On a positive attempt the second, Price made an attempt to break through the barrier of $ 52.00, but without being able to stability above it, to fall under corrective pressure downward again, but this time it approached the level of 38.2% Fibonacci, who resides in 41.87, and bounced up to a rookie resume The main track again

Crude oil prices and their relationship to the world (oil - natural gas - Jazz - electricity)

The world has witnessed major developments in oil production and also in the natural gas production

This comes at trading futures US crude oil prices currently at $ 51.23 a barrel after the session opened today at $ 50.87 a barrel comes to recording its highest level at $ 51.47 a barrel, while it may hit its lowest level at $ 05.16 a barrel.

This significant increase in world oil prices

At the OPEC meeting, this week saw the decision for the first time eight years ago to cut production rates in order to work on the support price levels and achieve balance in the crude oil market, which has helped to return prices to rise.

This has been agreed with the non-members of OPEC, led by Russia nations to cut production rates by 600 thousand barrels per day from the start of next year in order to cooperate to push crude oil prices to rise and achieve a balance in the market.

There is no doubt that the whole world will face major breakthroughs in the production of petroleum and manufactured and exported or also
The high cost of Mark above

ذاكرة البترول المصرى والعربي

شهدت صناعات البترول والغاز الطبيعى فى مصر والعالم العربي من اجمل ما حدث فى العالم العربي وفى مصر
منذ أكثر من مائة عام بحفر أول بئر فى منطقة جمسة ، بالاضافة الى تكامل مراحل الصناعة البترولية
أول عملية مسح جيولوجى فى مصر  فى القرن التاسع عشر على يد ضابط بحرى فرنسى فى عام 1835 .
تعتبر مصر من أوائل دول العالم التي أحرزت السبق في مختلف مراحل الصناعة البترولية حيث بدأت الحكومة في عام 1886 بحفر أول بئر في منطقة جمسة 1910 وتوالت بعد ذلك الاكتشافات البترولية في مصر

  لم يتحقق وجود البترول بكميات تجارية بمنطقة جمسة إلا فى مايو 1908 وذلك بعد إنشاء مصلحة المناجم والمحاجر فى عام 1906 ، وتم حفر عدد من الآبار الأكثر عمقاً .
  وفى عام 1954 منحت الحكومة امتيازاً يغطى الجانب الأكبر من الصحراء الغربية ، إلى مجموعة من الشركات الامريكية المستقلة كونت فيما بينها شركة صحارى للبترول ( كونرادا ) والتى لم تحقق أى اكتشاف تجارى وانسحبت عام 1958.
 فى ديسمبر 1959 صدر القانون رقم 2344 ، والذى بمقتضاه تم تقليص اختصاصات الهيئة العامة لشئون البترول بحيث اصبح لها حق الاشتراك فى وضع المواصفات البترولية فقط .
• فى نفس العام تم عقد مؤتمر البترول العربى الأول بالقاهرة وكان لمصر دوراً هاماً وفعالاً .ط
• فى عام 1961 تم اكتشاف أول حقل بترول بحري فى مصر والشرق الأوسط " بلاعيم بحري " .
• فى نفس العام صدر القانون رقم 118 ، الذى يقضى باشتراك القطاع العام فى رأس مال 91 سركة منها شركة آبار الزيوت الانجليزية – المصرية ، والشركة المستقلة المصرية للبترول ، وتم تغيير اسم شركة آبار الزيوت الانجليزية المصرية إلى شركة النصر لآبار الزيوت ، والتى أممت بالكامل فى عام 1964 ، وآلت ملكيتها إلى الهيئة العامة لشئون البترول .

Existing oil fields scattered places such as Karun field and the field has seen Western Sahara

Existing oil fields scattered places such as Karun field and the field has seen Western Sahara

 He opened some of the new projects in Western Sahara as he continued oil and natural gas connecting production projects the village of Taman south of Suez as he Tariq Al-Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources lose oil fields Karun site and Petrouchehd minister was accompanied during the tour by Ambassador Fernando Zlakit Chile's ambassador in Cairo and engineered Sara Akbar, head of Kuwait Energy company, David Shi general manager of Apache Egypt and Mohamed Taher and Mohamed sociable agent first ministry Tariq Al-Hadidi, executive chairman of Petroleum and Geological Ashraf Faraj Undersecretary for agreements and exploration. The minister listened to a detailed explanation about the new projects that have been opened where Eng Ashraf Prince, president of Petrouchehd list on behalf of the Petroleum Authority and the two Aanab Chilean and Kuwait Energy operations that pipeline crude oil transfer spans 87-km from the cargo area company Petrouchehd to crude oil receiving station fields Karun company and from there to Dahshur, which aims to accommodate the daily production of fields Petrouchehd which currently stands at about 19,000 barrels, and that a total investment cost of $ 22 million, including construction costs of the line and 12 new warehouses for storage of pointing out that the new pipeline with a capacity of about 30 thousand barrels per day and was carried out by Petrojet company will contribute in controlling the risks that may result from the trucking and reduce the crude oil transportation costs and ease the pressure on the roads this addition it will provide opportunities for petroleum companies adjacent to ship its production within the framework of economic integration between the petroleum sector companies and optimum utilization of production facilities. and he head of the company Qarun Petroleum said Gary implementation of a plan to raise total output Karun currently of about 37,000 barrels of crude oil from all concession areas with the adoption of new investments in the budget of the current fiscal year 2016/2017 amounting to $ 257 million is planned to drill 12 new wells zones, dignity and West Nile fields Karun Beni Suef, he is advancing the implementation of efforts to rationalize spending and reduce the cost of producing a barrel through projects aimed so areas of excellence, and explained that the production of Qarun available facilities contribute to being a link between the neighboring companies to receive production and processing in the main treatment plant in order to achieve economic exploitation facilities productivity and provide investments.

Edco has seen the city of Lake County and delivery of natural gas Tama, Sohag

Edco has seen the city of Lake County and delivery of natural gas Tama, Sohag

 The natural gas Tdwia city of Tema and that West Nile is located in Sohag after the completion of the implementation of all major infrastructure works (reduced pressure station - pressure interconnection line length of 11 km - business networks and combinations natural gas) in order to serve 10,000 home client expected the city and to become the third city during this year by the regional gas companies by providing them with natural gas after a debtor

 Number of clients target hitchhike gas in Adco is about 15 thousand clients in two phases at a rate of about 10 thousand customers during the current fiscal year 2016/2017 and 5 thousands of customers in the next fiscal year 2017/2018, pointing out that the number of customers on the courier contractors yet reached about 5 thousand client, and that he planned to deliver gas to about 1,000 customers in the village Albossaly located on the gas line fed to Edco city path.

 Within the framework of the implementation of the Programme of Action for the project National to deliver gas to homes Edco city lake natural gas connecting the governorate witnessed for the first time to the residential units in the city after the end of the petroleum sector of the implementation of the feed Adco city gas line length of 16 km of reducing gas and measurement pressure Rosetta in the station.

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